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Warmer climate will dramatically increase the volatility of global corn crops

New research shows that warmer temperatures by the end of this century will reduce yields throughout the world and dramatically increase in the variability of corn yields.

New Stanford study suggests climate mitigation could yield trillions in economic benefits

Stanford scientists found that the global economy is likely to benefit from ambitious global warming limits agreed to in the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Roz Naylor Interview: "The Future of Everything with Russ Altman"

Roz Naylor talks how technology will help meet the growing demand for food and water in the developing world and why tech companies should invest in Africa.

Feeding Africa and the World in the 21st Century

Food security experts identify government support, policy implementation, private sector engagement and investment in smallholder farmers as keys to Africa’s agricultural future.

Stanford researchers find 15 million children in high-mortality hotspots in Sub-Saharan Africa

New spatial analysis shows that progress in combating child mortality has been highly uneven, even within countries where overall declines are substantial.

Stanford researchers measure African farm yields using high-resolution satellites

Stanford scientists have developed a new capability for estimating crop yields from space. Measuring yields could improve productivity and eventually reduce hunger.

How China is Poised for Marine Fisheries Reform

Stanford researchers view ocean management as next front for China to compete as global sustainability leaders.

Stanford scientists combine satellite data, machine learning to map poverty

Applying machine learning to satellite images could identify impoverished regions in Africa.

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