Elsa Ordway

Elsa Ordway, MA

PhD candidate, Earth System Science

Y2E2 (Energy & Environment Building) 
473 Via Ortega, room 364
Stanford, CA 94305-4205

(616) 443-9141 (voice)


Elsa is a PhD student in the Department of Environmental Earth System Science. Her research is currently focused on forest transitions and issues of sustainable land and natural resource use in Cameroon from a landscape perspective. A particular focus of her work is aimed at understanding the role of globalization and agricultural expansion on land use changes in Central Africa. She employs an integrative methods approach that combines techniques including remote sensing, GIS, ecology, economics and modeling. 

Her past work has included research and applied conservation experience in marine and forest environments in the Comoros, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea and Rwanda. Elsa’s current work is now focused on the tropical forest regions of Central Africa. She also holds an M.A. in Conservation Biology from the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology at Columbia University.  

Stanford Affiliations

Earth System Science