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Green Revolution: Generations of Problems, The

December 1970

Ways to Improve International Training

December 1975

Food Self-Sufficiency: Lessons from Asia

January 1978

Reflections on the Presidential Commission on World Hunger

December 1981

Role of the United States in Alleviating World Hunger, The

December 1984

Recent Food Policy Lessons from Developing Countries

May 1984

Corn Economy of Indonesia, The

December 1987

This book, based on fieldwork carried out by a team of American and Indonesian economists, investigates Indonesia's potential for maize production.

Whither Food Aid?

December 1991

The extent of food aid since the 1960s is examined, focusing in particular on US food aid and its political context.

Discussion: Achievements and Challenges: Policy Environment Issues

December 1987

Review: T.W. Schultz's Transforming Traditional Agriculture

February 1988

Integration of Environmental, Agronomic, and Economic Aspects of Fertilizer Management

April 1998

Nitrogen fertilization is a substantial source of nitrogen-containing trace gases that have both regional and global consequences.

Maize Transition in Asia: Unlocking the Controversy, The

December 1998

Food, Conservation, and Global Environmental Change: Is Compromise Possible?

April 1993

Plant Biotechnology in China

January 2002

A survey of China's plant biotechnologies shows that China is developing the largest plant biotechnology capacity outside of North America.

Aquaculture -A Gateway for Exotic Species

November 2001

Aquaculture is a fast-growing segment of the world food economy and a leading vector of aquatic invasive species in the United States and abroad.

Nitrogen leaching and soil nitrate, nitrite and ammonium levels under differing fertilizer management in an irrigated wheat system in northern Mexico

December 2001

Nitrate leaching from agricultural soils can represent a substantial loss of fertilizer nitrogen (N), but a large variation in losses has been reported.

Illustrating the coupled human-environment system for vulnerability analysis: Three case studies

July 2003

The vulnerability framework of the Research and Assessment Systems for Sustainability Program explicitly recognizes the coupled human-environment system and accounts for interactions in the...

Method for Quantifying Vulnerability, Applied to the Agricultural System of the Yaqui Valley, Mexico, A

December 2003

We propose measuring vulnerability of selected outcome variables of concern (e.g. agricultural yield) to identified stressors (e.g.

Patterns and Controls of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Waters Draining a Subtropical Agricultural Valley

December 2003

Although nitrous oxide (N20) emission from agricultural runoff is thought to constitute a globally important source of this greenhouse gas, N20 flux from polluted aquatic systems is poorly...

Combining Field Surveys, Remote Sensing and Regression Trees to Understand Yield Variations in an Irrigated Wheat Landscape

January 2005

Improved understanding of the factors that limit crop yields in farmers' fields will play an important role in increasing regional food production while minimizing environmental impacts.

Impacts of Future Climate Change on California Perennial Crop Yields

December 2006

Most research on the agricultural impacts of climate change has focused on the major annual crops, yet perennial cropping systems are less adaptable and thus potentially more susceptible to damage....


Rosamond L. Naylor Senior Fellow William Wrigley Professor of Earth System Science, Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Professor, by courtesy, Economics, Senior Fellow and Founding Director, Center on Food Security and the Environment
Tannis Thorlakson Ph.D. student, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
David S. Battisti Affiliated scholar
George Azzari Affiliated scholar
Rodrigo Pizarro Visiting Scholar
Vincent Tanutama Research Data Analyst, Center on Food Security and the Environment