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Rebuttal to “A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated consequences in Chinese aquaculture”

January 2017

As authors of “China’s aquaculture and the world’s fisheries” (Cao et al., Science, 2015), we would like to dispute several claims presented in “A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated...

How China is Poised for Marine Fisheries Reform

January 2017

As global fish stocks continue sinking to alarmingly low levels, a joint study by marine fisheries experts from within and outside of China concluded that the country’s most recent fisheries...

Stanford scholars cross disciplines to tackle global food security

July 2014

A team of 19 experts from across campus come together to explore the many facets of food security in a new book edited by FSE director Roz Naylor.

Symposium brings top fisheries experts to Beijing

May 2014

From May 13-15, 2014, FSE director Roz Naylor convened a meeting of leading global experts in fisheries, aquaculture and ocean science, to share research on how China's fish industry can meet the...

Tackling Malnutrition Among China's Rural Babies

May 2014

FSI's Rural Education Action Program finds that half of rural babies in China are anemic, and many have cognitive and motor skill delays.

Has the Food Price Bubble Burst?

May 2014

Has the food price bubble burst and if so, does it matter? FSE launches its new three-year Food and Nutrition Policy Symposium with a look at global food prices.

Eyeglasses Boost Test Scores in Rural China

March 2014

Test scores jump following a massive effort by FSI's Rural Education Action Program to screen the vision of 20,000 children in rural China.

Stanford scholars find varying quality of education in BRICs

August 2013

In an effort to create world-class university systems, Brazil, Russia, India and China are funneling resources to higher education institutions.

Discussant comments on “China’s Agricultural Development and Policies: Are There Lessons for Sub-Saharan Africa?”

May 2013

China is indeed an intriguing potential role model for developing nations in quest of rapid economic growth and successful poverty reduction.

Scott Rozelle on How Agriculture Vitalized China's Economy

April 2013

Over the last thirty years, China’s rural income per capita has risen an astounding 20 times.

Stanford scientists help shed light on key component of China's pollution problem

February 2013

A new study co-authored by FSE affiliated faculty Peter Vitousek reveals, among other findings, that amounts of nitrogen deposited on land and water in China by way of rain, dust and other carriers...

Five foreign policy questions for Obama and Romney

October 2012

With the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney set to focus on foreign policy, researchers from the Freeman Spogli Institute ask the questions they want answered and...

FSE visiting scholar on extreme weather, economics and interdisciplinary learning

August 2012

Is this summer's drought a glimpse of our future under a changing climate, and how are rising prices affecting the world’s poor?

Stanford researcher distills threats and benefits of Indonesia's palm oil revolution

July 2012

The rapid expansion of Indonesian palm oil plantations is causing alarming rates of deforestation while promising wealth and development in a country where help is badly needed.

Stanford Firestone Medal awarded for aquaculture thesis

June 2012

Ross Feehan's thesis on "Helping Those Who Harm: Harmonizing the Practice and Ethics of Aquaculture Insurance in China" won Stanford's Firestone Medal for excellence in undergraduate research.

An optimistic Indian future depends on a strong rural economy

May 2012

Despite accelerating economic growth in India over the last thirty years, India’s structural transformation remains stunted, said economist Hans Binswanger-Mkhize at a May 10 FSE symposium on...

Bridging China's education gap with technology, research and policy

March 2012

FSI's Scott Rozelle says 80 percent of urban Chinese students have Internet access, compared to 2 percent of their rural peers.

REAP gets overseas headquarters at Peking University

March 2012

Stanford University launched a new research center at Peking University Wednesday.The Stanford Center serves as the headquarters for Stanford staff conducting research and overseas programs in...

Stanford research center opens at Peking University

March 2012

The Stanford Center at Peking University “marks a new era of collaboration between two outstanding universities,” said Gary Locke, the U.S. ambassador to China.

As Stanford center opens in China, faculty showcase research

March 2012

Along with the speeches and ceremonies to mark the opening of the Stanford Center at Peking University, FSI scholars will show off their work examining China’s role in the world.

Stanford-Cargill partnership strengthens to address food security issues

November 2011

Stanford’s Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) has received a $2 million grant from Cargill, a second gift from the company that raises its total contribution to FSE to $5 million...

Stanford research on nutrition influences policy change in China

November 2011

Thanks in part to research done by FSI's Scott Rozelle, the Chinese government recently launched a plan to spend $22.5 billion during the next nine years on feeding rural schoolchildren more...

China's Food Inflation

May 2011

Middle class appetites and rising affluence are driving up the price of food in China, home to 1.3 billion people.


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