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Decentralization and the environment: Assessing smallholder oil palm development in Indonesia

January 2019

Indonesia’s oil palm expansion during the last two decades has resulted in widespread environmental and health damages through land clearing by fire and peat conversion, but it has also contributed...

The Role of Markets, Technology, and Policy in Generating Palm-Oil Demand in Indonesia

March 2015

Indonesia produces more palm oil and consumes more palm oil per capita than any country in the world.

The Evolving Sphere of Food Security

September 2014

The Evolving Sphere of Food Security seeks to answer two important questions: How do the priorities and challenges of achieving food security change over time as countries develop economically?

Coping with Climate Risks in Indonesia Rice Agriculture: A Policy Perspective

December 2009

In this chapter, we focus specifically on agricultural risks and uncertainties related to climate variability and global climate change from a policy viewpoint.

Downscaling Indonesia Precipitation using Large-Scale Meteorological Fields

July 2009

This study investigates the skill of linear methods for downscaling provincial-scale precipitation over Indonesia from fields that describe the large-scale circulation and hydrological cycle.

Our Daily Bread: Without public investment, the food crisis will only get worse

September 2008

During the eighteen months after January 2007, cereal prices doubled, setting off a world food crisis. In the United States, rising food prices have been a pocketbook annoyance.

Tropical Deforestation and Carbon Emissions: Introduction to Special Issue

December 2007

Carbon emissions from tropical deforestation have long been recognized as a key component of the global carbon budget, and more recently of our global climate system.

Assessing risks of climate variability and climate change for Indonesian rice agriculture

May 2007

El Nino events typically lead to delayed rainfall and decreased rice planting in Indonesia's main rice-growing regions, thus prolonging the hungry season and increasing the risk of annual rice...

Agriculture Decision-Making in Indonesia with ENSO Variability: Conference poster

September 2005

The combined forces of El NinoSouthern Oscillation (ENSO) eventsand global warming are likely to have dramatic effects on future cropproduction and food security in Indonesia and other tropical...

Using Climate Models to Improve Indonesian Food Security

December 2004

El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events exert significant influence on Southeast Asian rice output and markets.

Using forecasts from national and regional El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) models to improve Indonesian food security

November 2003

El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events have a dominate influence on rice output and markets in Southeast Asia.

Using El Nino/Southern Oscillation climate data to improve food policy planning in Indonesia

December 2002

Despite the impact of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events on climate in the Indo-Pacific region, models linking ENSO-based climate variability to Indonesian cereal production are not well...

Using El Nino/Southern Oscillation Climate Data to Predict Rice Production in Indonesia

December 2001

Despite the strong signal of El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events on climate in the Indo-Pacific region, models linking ENSO-based climate variability to seasonal rice production and food...

Herbicide Use in Asian Rice Production

January 1994

Economic growth and rising labour costs in many regions of Asia have led to the widespread adoption of herbicides in rice production.

Real Wages and Institutional Change: Women's Welfare in the Javanese Rice Economy

February 1993

The interaction between real wages and institutional arrangements represents an important equilibrating mechanism that directly affects employment and seasonal incomes for unskilled women in Asia....

Labor-Saving Technologies in the Javanese Rice Economy: Recent Developments and a Look Into the 1990s

December 1992

Rising labour costs and declining terms of trade for rice farmers on Java during the 1980s have encouraged the adoption of labour-saving technologies.

Recent Policy Influences on Rice Production

December 1991

This chapter reviews the complex set of relationships among rice strategies, policy instruments, economic variables, and food policy objectives as they have evolved since the early 1970s.

Equity Effects of Alternative Rice Policies

December 1991

This book examines the components of Indonesia's rice policy to help policymakers, analysts, and observers sort out the pros and cons of alternative courses of action.

Rural Labor Market in Indonesia, The

December 1991

Food Security in Indonesia: Defining the Issues

December 1991

Rice Policy in Indonesia

December 1991

Wage Trends in Rice Production on Java: 1976-1988

August 1990

Lack of consensus among researchers in Indonesia concerning real wage trends in rice production has generated disagreement over rural labour market conditions on Java.

Corn Economy of Indonesia, The

December 1987

This book, based on fieldwork carried out by a team of American and Indonesian economists, investigates Indonesia's potential for maize production.


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