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Improving environmental practices in agricultural supply chains: The role of company-led standards

December 2017

Food retailers and manufacturers are increasingly committing to address agricultural sustainability issues in their supply chains.

Modelling farmers’ adaptations strategies to climate change and variability. The case of the Limpopo Basin, South Africa

December 2010

This paper examines climate adaptation strategies of farmers in the Limpopo Basin of South Africa.

Vulnerability of the South African farming sector to climate change and variability: An indicator approach

August 2010

This paper analyses the vulnerability of South African agriculture to climate change and variability by developing a vulnerability index and comparing vulnerability indicators across the nine...

Measuring the economic impact of climate change on major South African field crops: a Ricardian approach

December 2005

This study employed aRicardian model to measure the impact of climate change on South Africa's field crops and analysed potential future impacts of further changes in the climate.