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Geoengineering and global food supply

January 2012

New research led by Carnegie's Julia Pongratz, and supported by FSE center fellow David Lobell, examines the potential effects that geoengineering the climate could have on global food production....

Adapting agriculture to a warmer world

December 2011

David Lobell, Assistant Professor in Stanford’s Department of Environmental Earth System Science, says that acknowledging the gaps in our understanding of climate change could help us to more...

Fighting hunger in Africa with new methods of irrigation

December 2011

Stanford scientists are calling for investments in small-scale irrigation projects and hydrologic mapping in sub-Saharan Africa to help buffer growers from erratic weather and poor crop yields that...

Stanford-Cargill partnership strengthens to address food security issues

November 2011

Stanford’s Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) has received a $2 million grant from Cargill, a second gift from the company that raises its total contribution to FSE to $5 million...

Global Food Security: An uphill battle that must be won

November 2011

Stanford Law graduate student Sam Sasan Shoamanesh op-ed piece on the inspiring keynote speech delivered this past Thursday by Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Kofi Annan warns of worldwide hunger, political unrest if climate change persists

November 2011

The former United Nations secretary-general and Nobel Peace Prize winner called a lack of food security for nearly 1 billion of the world’s population “an unconscionable moral failing” that is also...

Greater crop diversity and wild genes needed to feed growing population

October 2011

FSE Center fellow David Lobell provides a commentary in Nature Climate Change on the role of crop wild relatives and the need to invest in greater crop diversity.

Food security experts review mixed outcomes of the Green Revolution

October 2011

Productivity gains of the mid-20th century had far-reaching impacts, say food policy and technology experts Prabhu Pingali and Philip Pardey, but they didn’t fix all the problems of that era – or...

Roz Naylor talks food security and energy with Near Zero

October 2011

FSE director Roz Naylor sits down with Near Zero and covers a number of energy and food security issues related to biofuels, land use, food prices and climate change.

Sweetening biofuel production

April 2011

Fields of sugarcane lower the air temperature compared with fields of soybeans, maize or pasture, according to a study involving Stanford researchers.

Gates Foundation's Jeff Raikes and Cargill's Greg Page on improving global food security

March 2011

February 10th marked the launch of FSE’s Global Food Policy and Food Security Symposium series.

Untapped data from Africa predicts corn peril if temperatures rise

March 2011

A team led by FSE fellow David Lobell has found a valuable, untapped resource in historical data from crop yield trials conducted across sub-Saharan Africa.

David Lobell named Google Science Communications Fellow

March 2011

FSE Center Fellow David Lobell named one of 21 Google Science Communications Fellows. These fellows were elected from a pool of applicants of early to mid-career Ph.D.

Food's Footprint: Agriculture and Climate Change

February 2011

"Food's Footprint: Agriculture and Climate Change" presentation by Jennifer Burney, a President's Postdoctoral Fellow at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego...

Climate Central interviews David Lobell on climate change and global food production

January 2011

FSE Fellow David Lobell answers questions on how agriculture will be affected by the climate changes projected to occur over the next century.

Stanford researchers come together to discuss the environment and security

January 2011

What is the relationship between security and the environment?

David Lobell to present at 2010 American Geophysical Union fall meeting

December 2010

David Lobell will be giving two talks this week at the AGU fall meeting.

FSE study finds most new farmland comes from cutting tropical forest

September 2010

A new study led by FSE post-doctoral scholar Holly Gibbs shows that more than 80 percent of the new farmland created in the tropics between 1980 and 2000 came from felling forests, which sends...

Climate change and China's agricultural sector

August 2010

A new issue brief by Scott Rozelle and fellow researchers Jinxia Wang and Jikun Huang concludes that climate change will have a significant effect on China's crop yields and impact its economy,...

From Russia: More heat, less wheat

August 2010

FSE Center Fellow David Lobell contributes a commentary to Climate Central on the recent heat wave in Russia, its impact on wheat production and global prices, and what rising temperatures mean in...

FSE study on climate change and conflict mentioned in The Economist piece on climate wars

July 2010

The hardest evidence for a link so far comes from a team led by Marshall Burke of the University of California and FSE Research Associate, and co-authored with FSE Fellow David Lobell.

Rosamond Naylor on feeding the world

June 2010

FSE director Roz Naylor discusses the stresses that climate change and a greater world population will have on our food supply in an interview with Smithsonian Magazine.