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High-yield agriculture slows pace of global warming, say FSE researchers

June 2010

Advances in high-yield agriculture during the Green Revolution have helped feed the planet and slow the pace of global warming by cutting the amount of biomass burned - and the resulting greenhouse...

FSE Director Rosamond Naylor climate change panelist at the 2010 Global Philanthropy Forum

June 2010

Video recording of Global Philanthropy Forum's panel on "Meeting the Challenge: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation", April 20, 2010.

New report reveals the environmental and social impact of the 'livestock revolution'

March 2010

A new report by an international research team explores the impact of the global livestock industry on the environment, the economy and human health.

Global warming could hurt some poor populations and lift others from poverty, FSE study finds

February 2010

The impact of global warming on food prices and hunger could be large over the next 20 years. But even as some people are hurt, others would be helped out of poverty, according to a new FSE study.

Warmer temperatures pose major risks to food production in sub-Saharan Africa

February 2010

Changes in temperature due to climate change over the next few decades will put considerable pressure on crop production in already vulnerable areas of sub-Saharan Africa, states a new study from...

FSE releases new book on climate change and food security

January 2010

FSE Center Fellow David Lobell and research associate Marshall Burke released a new book, Climate Change and Food Security, this week out of Springer publishing house.

Ensuring a sustainable future for U.S. ocean fish farming

December 2009

In an Op-Ed featured on Huffington Post, aquaculture specialist and FSE director, Rosamond Naylor, supports a newly proposed House bill, the National Sustainable Offshore Aquaculture Act.

FSE study finds climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa

November 2009

Rising temperatures increase the risk of civil conflict in Africa by more than 50 percent over the next two decades, finds a study by FSE's David Lobell and UC Berkeley colleagues Marshall Burke...

Meeting addresses need for adapting crops to new climate conditions

August 2009

A recent 3 day meeting of international climate and crop experts at Stanford University focused on ways to adapt agriculture to a warmer world.

McGill University bestows honorary degree on Walter Falcon for exemplary scholarship

May 2009

Professor Walter Falcon, Deputy Director of the Program on Food Security and the Environment, former director of FSI, and Helen Farnsworth Professor of International Agricultural Policy, Emeritus...

Bioelectricity promises more 'miles per acre' than ethanol, Science study finds

May 2009

Researchers writing in the May 7th edition of the journal Science, including FSE's David Lobell, find that converting biomass to electricity is a more efficient way to power cars than converting it...

FSE welcomes Wolfram Schlenker as Cargill Visiting Fellow

January 2009

FSE is pleased to welcome Wolfram Schlenker as its first Cargill Visiting Fellow.

Program on Global Justice: Just supply chains, liberation technology, and human rights

September 2008

One of Stanford's many remarkable attractions is the Rodin sculpture garden. And perhaps the most extraordinary Rodin sculpture is his Gates of Hell, inspired by Dante's Inferno.

Program on Food Security and the Environment: A climate ripe for high food prices?

September 2008

The recent run-up in global food prices is wreaking well-documented havoc throughout the developing world.

Without public investment, the food crisis will only get worse, Naylor, Falcon say in Boston Review

September 2008

FSE director Rosamond Naylor and deputy director Walter Falcon discuss the food crisis in a lead article in the September/October 2008 issue of Boston Review.

FSE researchers receive grant from Rockefeller Foundation to study climate threats to African agriculture

April 2008

Researchers at FSE have received a 3-year, $350,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to study the potential effects of climate change on agriculture and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa....

Cohen's 10-week course on poverty and development now available on YouTube

March 2008

Full video of the course on poverty and development that Program on Global Justice Director Joshua Cohen moderated from September to November 2007 is now available online at

Gates Foundation gives $3.8 Million to Stanford University for biofuels, food security research

December 2007

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Agricultural Development Program has awarded Stanford University's Program on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) and a team of collaborators $3.8...

Climate change a threat to Indonesian agriculture, PNAS study says

May 2007

A new study published May 8th in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds that Indonesian rice agriculture is greatly affected by short-run climate variability, and could be...

Global impact of livestock production focus of recent event

February 2007

The harmful environmental effects of livestock production are becoming increasingly serious at all levels-local, regional, national and global-and urgently need to be addressed, according to...

New Program on Food Security and the Environment Tackles Global Hunger and Environmental Destruction

March 2006

This past autumn the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) in conjunction with the Woods Institute for the Environment launched a program on Food Security and the Environment ...

At climate symposium, Kennedy posits global warming as most serious worldwide threat

June 2004

Speaking at a June 24 joint conference sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, CESP senior fellow Donald Kennedy warned of the pressing need to address...