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Opportunities for advances in climate change economics

April 2016

There have been dramatic advances in understanding the physical science of climate change, facilitated by substantial and reliable research support.

Agricultural adaptation to climate change in rich and poor countries: Current modeling practice and potential for empirical contributions

February 2016

In this paper we discuss the scope of the adaptation challenge facing world agriculture in the coming decades.

Growing sensitivity of maize to water scarcity under climate change

January 2016

Climate change can reduce crop yields and thereby threaten food security.

Pharaoh's Dream Revisited: An Integrated US Midwest Field Research Network for Climate Adaptation

January 2016

We're being warned of future grain failures—not by the dreams of a biblical Pharaoh, but by modern computer model predictions.

Pharaoh's Dream Revisited: An Integrated US Midwest Field Research Network for Climate Adaptation

December 2015

We're being warned of future grain failures—not by the dreams of a biblical Pharaoh, but by modern computer model predictions.

Global non-linear effect of temperature on economic production

November 2015

Growing evidence demonstrates that climatic conditions can have a profound impact on the functioning of modern human societies, but effects on economic activity appear inconsistent.

Improving the monitoring of crop productivity using spaceborne solar-induced fluorescence

November 2015

Large-scale monitoring of crop growth and yield has important value for forecasting food production and prices and ensuring regional food security.

The Global Economic Impacts of Climate Change

November 2015

This research brief is based on a paper from the journal Nature, published on-line on October 21, 2015, entitled “Global non-linear effect of temperature on economic production.” The paper, led by...

Estimated impacts of emission reductions on wheat and maize crops

October 2015

We assess the benefits of climate change mitigation for global maize and wheat production over the 21st century by comparing outcomes under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 as simulated by two large initial...

What aspects of future rainfall changes matter for crop yields in West Africa?

September 2015

Abstract: How rainfall arrives, in terms of its frequency, intensity and the timing and duration of rainy season, may have a large influence on rainfed agriculture.

Climate and Conflict

August 2015

We review the emerging literature on climate and conflict.

A scalable satellite-based crop yield mapper

July 2015

A new approach to mapping crop yields is presented.Estimates are made within Google's Earth Engine, allowing broad scale application.Field-level estimates are tested against over 29,000 ground...

Climate Change Impact on Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Hunger

June 2015

David Lobell’s recent research indicates that negative impacts to the global agriculture system are much more likely, more severe and wider-ranging in the face of human-caused climate change....

Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts

May 2015

Quantitative estimates of the impacts of climate change on economic outcomes are important for public policy.

A global perspective on food systems

March 2015

The effects of extremely wet planting conditions on maize and soybean yields

February 2015

Short durations of very high spring soil moisture can influence crop yields in many ways, including delaying planting and damaging young crops.

Impacts of precipitation and temperature on crop yields in the Pampas

February 2015

The fingerprint of climate trends on European crop yields

February 2015

Getting caught with our plants down: the risks of a global crop yield slowdown from climate trends in the next two decades

July 2014

In many discussions of climate change impacts in agriculture, the large magnitudes of expected impacts toward the end of the century are used to emphasize that most of the risks are to future...

Climate change adaptation in crop production: Beware of illusions

June 2014

• Adaptation should be defined strictly as actions that reduce climate change impacts.• Many studies that claim to show adaptation benefits do not satisfy this definition.• Three main causes of ...

Climate Engineering Reconsidered

June 2014

Stratospheric injection of sulphate aerosols has been advocated as an emergency geoengineering measure to tackle dangerous climate change, or as a stop-gap until atmospheric carbon dioxide levels...

Adaptation potential of European agriculture in response to climate change

May 2014

Projecting the impacts of climate change on agriculture requires knowing or assuming how farmers will adapt.

Greater sensitivity to drought accompanies maize yield increase in the US Midwest

May 2014

A key question for climate change adaptation is whether existing cropping systems can become less sensitive to climate variations.

A meta-analysis of crop yield under climate change and adaptation

March 2014

Feeding a growing global population in a changing climate presents a significant challenge to society.


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