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Projected temperature changes indicate significant increase in interannual variability of U.S. maize yields

March 2012

Climate change has the potential to be a source of increased variability if crops are more frequently exposed to damaging weather conditions.

Evaluating the Contribution of Weather to Maize and Wheat Yield Trends in 12 U.S. Counties

December 2012

Evaluating the contribution of weather and its individual components to recent yield trends can be useful to predict the response of crop production to future climate change, but different modeling...

Climate volatility and poverty vulnerability in Tanzania

February 2011

Climate volatility could change in the future, with important implications for agricultural productivity.

Errors in climate datasets and their effects on statistical crop models

March 2013

Although weather data are widely acknowledged to contain measurement errors, the implications of these errors for models that relate weather to yields have not been adequately examined.

The case of the missing wheat

June 2012

In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, Alice finds herself running as fast as she can but not moving anywhere.

India 1960-2010: Structural change, the rural non-farm sector, and the prospects for agriculture

May 2012

This paper looks at past and likely future agricultural growth and rural poverty reduction in the context of the overall Indian economy.

Vulnerability of the South African farming sector to climate change and variability: An indicator approach

August 2010

This paper analyses the vulnerability of South African agriculture to climate change and variability by developing a vulnerability index and comparing vulnerability indicators across the nine...

Modelling farmers’ adaptations strategies to climate change and variability. The case of the Limpopo Basin, South Africa

December 2010

This paper examines climate adaptation strategies of farmers in the Limpopo Basin of South Africa.

Measuring the economic impact of climate change on major South African field crops: a Ricardian approach

December 2005

This study employed aRicardian model to measure the impact of climate change on South Africa's field crops and analysed potential future impacts of further changes in the climate.

Frontiers in Food Policy: Perspectives on Sub-Saharan Africa

December 2013

Frontiers in Food Policy: Perspectives on sub-Saharan Africa is a compilation of research stemming from the Global Food Policy and Food Security Symposium Series, hosted by the Center on Food...

The nature and causes of the global water crisis: Syndromes from a meta-analysis of coupled human-water studies

October 2012

Freshwater scarcity has been cited as the major crisis of the 21st century, but it is surprisingly hard to describe the nature of the global water crisis.

Climate Change and Conflict: Identifying the mechanisms

December 2011

Climate change will lead to massive conflicts, according to claims of such prominent sources as Sir Nicholas Stern and the US National Security Agency - claims repeated by the media.

Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis

November 2012

SummaryClimate change can reasonably be expected to increase the frequency and intensity of a variety of potentially disruptive environmental events-slowly at first, but then more quickly.

An assessment of wheat yield sensitivity and breeding gains in hot environments

December 2012

Genetic improvements in heat tolerance of wheat provide a potential adaptation response to long-term warming trends, and may also boost yields in wheat-growing areas already subject to heat stress....

Climate adaptation as mitigation: the case of agricultural investments

February 2013

Successful adaptation of agriculture to ongoing climate changes would help to maintain productivity growth and thereby reduce pressure to bring new lands into agriculture.

The critical role of extreme heat for maize production in the United States

March 2013

Statistical studies of rainfed maize yields in the United States and elsewhere have indicated two clear features: a strong negative yield response to accumulation of temperatures above 30 °C (or...

The use of satellite data for crop yield gap analysis

March 2013

Field experiments and simulation models are useful tools for understanding crop yield gaps, but scaling up these approaches to understand entire regions over time has remained a considerable...

Simulated hydroclimatic impacts of projected Brazilian sugarcane expansion

March 2013

Sugarcane area is currently expanding in Brazil, largely in response to domestic and international demand for sugar-based ethanol.

The challenge to detect and attribute effects of climate change on human and natural systems

August 2013

Anthropogenic climate change has triggered impacts on natural and human systems world-wide, yet the formal scientific method of detection and attribution has been only insufficiently described....

A meta-analysis of crop yield under climate change and adaptation

March 2014

Feeding a growing global population in a changing climate presents a significant challenge to society.

Greater sensitivity to drought accompanies maize yield increase in the US Midwest

May 2014

A key question for climate change adaptation is whether existing cropping systems can become less sensitive to climate variations.

Adaptation potential of European agriculture in response to climate change

May 2014

Projecting the impacts of climate change on agriculture requires knowing or assuming how farmers will adapt.

Climate change adaptation in crop production: Beware of illusions

June 2014

• Adaptation should be defined strictly as actions that reduce climate change impacts.• Many studies that claim to show adaptation benefits do not satisfy this definition.• Three main causes of ...