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Agriculture and Global Change

December 1999

Earth Systems: Processes and Issues is the ideal textbook for introductory courses in earth systems science and environmental science.

Energy and Resource Constraints on Intensive Agricultural Production

October 1996

This review explores the potential energy, soil, and water constraints on highly productive agricultural systems.

Amazonia Revealed: Forest Degradation and Loss of Ecosystem Goods and Services in the Amazon Basin

February 2007

The Amazon Basin is one of the world's most important bioregions, harboring a rich array of plant and animal species and offering a wealth of goods and services to society.

Global Consequences of Land Use

July 2005

Land use has generally been considered a local environmental issue, but it is becoming aforce of global importance.

Valuing Nature

April 2000

Earth Systems: Processes and Issues is the ideal textbook for introductory courses in earth systems science and environmental science.

Nitrogen leaching and soil nitrate, nitrite and ammonium levels under differing fertilizer management in an irrigated wheat system in northern Mexico

December 2001

Nitrate leaching from agricultural soils can represent a substantial loss of fertilizer nitrogen (N), but a large variation in losses has been reported.

Patterns and Controls of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Waters Draining a Subtropical Agricultural Valley

December 2003

Although nitrous oxide (N20) emission from agricultural runoff is thought to constitute a globally important source of this greenhouse gas, N20 flux from polluted aquatic systems is poorly...

U.S. Policy and the Global Environment

December 2000

Prior to the 2000 election The Aspen Institute convened a distinguished group of science, business, and environment leaders as a hypothetical committee to advise the new President on global...

Combining Field Surveys, Remote Sensing and Regression Trees to Understand Yield Variations in an Irrigated Wheat Landscape

January 2005

Improved understanding of the factors that limit crop yields in farmers' fields will play an important role in increasing regional food production while minimizing environmental impacts.

Agricultural runoff fuels large phytoplankton blooms in vulnerable areas of the ocean

March 2005

Biological productivity in most of the world's oceans is controlled by the supply of nutrients to surface waters.

Losing the Links Between Livestock and Land

December 2005

Global meat production is becoming increasingly industrialized, spatially concentrated, and geographically detached from the agricultural land base.

Hybrid Maize - A maize simulation model that combines two crop modeling approaches

December 2004

A new maize (Zea mays L.) simulation model, Hybrid-Maize, was developed by combining the strengths of two modeling approaches: the growth and development functions in maize-specific models...

Biodiversity regulation of ecosystem services. Chapter 11

December 2005

Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively in the last 50 years than in any comparable period of human history.

International trade in meat - The tip of the pork chop

December 2007

This paper provides an original account of global land, water and nitrogen use in support of industrialized livestock production and trade, with emphasis on two of the fastest growing sectors, pork...

Managing Food Production Systems for Resilience

March 2009

Managing food production systems on a sustainable basis is one of the most critical challenges for the future of humanity, for the obvious reason that people cannot survive without food.

The Effect of Irrigation on Regional Temperatures: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Trends in California, 1943-2002

December 2008

The response of air temperatures to widespread irrigation may represent an important component of past and/or future regional climate changes.

The role of irrigation expansion in past and future temperature trends

December 2008

Expansion of irrigated land can cause local cooling of daytime temperatures by up to several degrees Celsius.

Irrigation cooling effect on temperature and heat index extremes

December 2008

Satellite Monitoring of Yield Responses to Irrigation Practices Across Thousands of Fields

December 2008

Geographic information systems (GIS) present new opportunities for empirical agronomic research that can complement experimental and modeling approaches.

Development of Groundwater Markets in China: A Glimpse into Progress to Date

December 2008

The overall goal of the paper is to better understand the development of groundwater markets in northern China.

A Global Model Tracking Water, Nitrogen, and Land Inputs and Virtual Transfers from Industrialized Meat Production and Trade

December 2008

Rising populations and incomes throughout the world have boosted meat demand by over 75% in the last 20 years, intensifying pressures on production systems and the natural resources to which they...

Climatic Effects of 30 Years of Landscape Change over the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Region: 2. Dynamical and Thermodynamical Response

March 2009

This paper is part 2 of a two-part study evaluating the climatic effect of one of the nation's most rapidly expanding metropolitan complexes, the Greater Phoenix, Arizona, region.

Satellite Evidence for Yield Growth Opportunities in Northwest India

April 2010

Improving crop yields in major agricultural regions is one of the foremost scientific challenges for the next few decades.


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