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Deadly Investments: Large-scale Land Acquisitions in the Global South

October 27, 2011

FSE is co-sponsoring a special event headed by the ASSU Food Cabinet at Stanford University. All questions about the event should be directed to Isabella Akker ( 

Food Security, Food Prices, and Climate Change

October 21, 2011

David Lobell leads a 'Classes Without Quizzes' talk as part of Stanford Homecoming.

World Food and Agriculture Problems

October 17, 2011

David Lobell is a guest speaker for SLAC's fall colloquium series. All colloquium events are open to the public. SLAC Colloquium details.

African Agricultural R&D and Productivity Growth in a Global Setting

October 6, 2011

Trends in productivity and investments in technology. Survey of constraints to productivity, incentives and investment, and opportunities to raise productivity.

Climate Variability, Rice Production, and Food Policy in Indonesia

June 16, 2011

Roz Naylor will be lecturing on climate variability, rice production, and food policy in Indonesia as part of Brown University's conference on Climate Change and its Impacts.

Aspen Environment Forum

May 30, 2011

FSE director Roz Naylor discussant in three panels at the 2011 Aspen Environment Forum, a conference sponsored by the Aspen Institute and National Geographic.

Managing Food Price Volatility: Approaches at the Global, National and Household Levels

May 26, 2011

What does price instability have to do with food security? Price spikes hurt poor consumers, price collapses hurt farmers, and price risks reduce investment.

Food, Trade, and Foreign Policy with Professor Walter Falcon

May 9, 2011

Join Professor Falcon for a discussion of where our food comes from now, where it will come from in the future, and how these changes may affect international relations. Lunch will be provided!

Assisting the Escape from Persistent Ultra-Poverty in Rural Africa

April 27, 2011

Christopher Barrett reviews the evidence on persistent poverty with a focus on rural Africa.

Connecting the Dots: The Food, Energy, Water, and Climate Nexus

April 22, 2011

Conference presentations and tutorials now available Conference website Stanford experts from a range of disciplines discuss the interconnections and interactions among humanity's needs for and use...

Why Has Africa Been Slow in Developing its Agriculture?

April 7, 2011

This talk will focus on the investment and policy strategies needed for a dynamic agricultural sector, and how conditions in Africa differ from those in Asia.

Woods Institute Food Security Salon

March 15, 2011

Food security links health, development, national security and the environment in unique and important ways.

Improving Food Security in the 21st Century: What are the Roles for Firms and Foundations

February 11, 2011

Inaugural Global Food Policy and Food Security Symposium.

China’s Seafood Marketplace—Our Common Future (Aquaculture and Feed Use in China)

January 31, 2011

Roz Naylor will present a seminar on "China's Seafood Marketplace--Our Common Future (Aquaculture and Feed Use in China" as part of the 2011 Seafood Summit.

Expanding the boundaries of agricultural development

December 9, 2010

FSE director Rosamond Naylor was the keynote speaker at Winrock International's 25th Anniversary celebration. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

The Stanford Food Summit

November 3, 2010

An unprecedented gathering of Stanford experts on food-related issues from across all of the University’s seven schools provided a catalyst for generating solutions to some of the nation’s and the...

Towards Food Security in a Warmer World: Understanding Crop Responses to Climate

October 7, 2010

FSE Fellow David Lobell presented his work on climate impacts on crop production at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara, CA.

Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: The Role of Crop Wild Relatives

September 6, 2010

This meeting is the third in a series of consultations between agricultural scientists (in particular those interested in the conservation and use of crop diversity in plant improvement) and...

Stanford Law & Policy Review Food Policy Symposium

April 23, 2010

One-day symposium with two panels discussions on Environmental and Market Regulation issues as they relate to Food Policy.

Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Maize Pests and Pathogens and Food Security in East Africa

April 22, 2010

The main goal of this meeting is to develop an interdisciplinary research proposal to be submitted later this year to NSF or USDA.

World Food Economy: Two Perspectives

February 26, 2010

Jeff Raikes, CEO of the Gates Foundation, delivered a lecture to the World Food Economy class highlighting both his personal perspective on agricultural production growing up on a farm in Nebraska...

FSE remembers Phillip James Falcon; memorial service planned for February 6

February 6, 2010

A memorial service for Phillip is planned for 10:30 am on Saturday, February 6th, in the Bechtel Room within Encina Hall, Stanford University.

Climate and Agriculture in the Context of Copenhagen

November 21, 2009

Gerald Nelson, Senior Research Fellow at IFPRI will be giving a talk on Climate and Agriculture in the Context of Copenhagen. Nelson received his PhD from Stanford University in 1982.


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