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Climate change uncertainty for daily minimum and maximum temperatures: A model intercomparison

December 2007

Several impacts of climate change may depend more on changes in mean daily minimum (Tmin) or maximum (Tmax) temperatures than daily averages.

Impacts of Day Versus Night Temperatures on Spring Wheat Yields: A Comparison of Empirical and CERES Model Predictions in Three Locations

December 2007

Trends in recent temperature observations and model projections of the future are characterized by greater warming of daily minimum (tmin) relative to maximum (tmax) temperatures.

Historical effects of temperature and precipitation on California crop yields

December 2007

For the 1980–2003 period, we analyzed the relationship between crop yield and three climatic variables (minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and precipitation) for 12 major Californian crops:...

Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation Needs for Food Security in 2030

December 2008

Investments aimed at improving agricultural adaptation to climate change will inevitably favor some crops and regions over others.

Prioritizing climate change adaptation needs for food security - Policy Brief

December 2008

The potential impact of climate change on the world’s poor is a topic with wide and growing interest, but there remains much uncertainty about how specifically to adapt to a changing climate.

Estimation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization effect using growth rate anomalies of CO2 and crop yields since 1961

December 2008

The effect of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) on crop yields is one of the most uncertain and influential parameters in models used to assess climate change impacts and adaptations.

Towards Probabilistic Projections of Climate Change Impacts on Global Crop Yields

December 2008

There is a widely recognized need in the scientific and policy communities for probabilistic estimates of climate change impacts, beyond simple scenario analysis.

The Global Potential of Bioenergy on Abandoned Agricultural Lands

December 2008

Converting forest lands into bioenergy agriculture could accelerate climate change by emitting carbon stored in forests, while converting food agriculture lands into bioenergy agriculture could...

The Effect of Irrigation on Regional Temperatures: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Trends in California, 1943-2002

December 2008

The response of air temperatures to widespread irrigation may represent an important component of past and/or future regional climate changes.

The role of irrigation expansion in past and future temperature trends

December 2008

Expansion of irrigated land can cause local cooling of daytime temperatures by up to several degrees Celsius.

Irrigation cooling effect on temperature and heat index extremes

December 2008

Why are agricultural impacts of climate change so uncertain? The importance of temperature relative to precipitation

December 2008

Estimates of climate change impacts are often characterized by large uncertainties that reflect ignorance of many physical, biological, and socio-economic processes, and which hamper efforts to...

Climate Extremes and Crop Adaptation

June 2009

In June 2009, a group of experts in climate science, crop modeling, and crop development gathered at Stanford University to discuss the major needs for successful crop adaptation to climate change....

Historical Warnings of Future Food Insecurity with Unprecedented Seasonal Heat

December 2009

Higher growing season temperatures can have dramatic impacts on agricultural productivity, farm incomes, and food security.

Carbon Payback Times for Crop-based Biofuel Expansion in the Tropics: The Effects of Changing Yield and Technology

December 2008

Biofuels from land-rich tropical countries may help displace foreign petroleum imports for many industrialized nations, providing a possible solution to the twin challenges of energy security and...

Mapping Land Sources for New Biofuel Croplands

December 2009

Presentation from the session session "Biofuels, Tropical Deforestation, and Climate Policy: Key Challenges and Opportunities" at the annual AAAS meeting, Feb 14 2009.

Greater Transportation Energy and GHG Offsets from Bioelectricity Than Ethanol

December 2009

Warming Increases Risk of Civil War in Africa

November 2009

Armed conflict within nations has had disastrous humanitarian consequences throughout much of the world.

Downscaling Indonesia Precipitation using Large-Scale Meteorological Fields

July 2009

This study investigates the skill of linear methods for downscaling provincial-scale precipitation over Indonesia from fields that describe the large-scale circulation and hydrological cycle.

Coping with Climate Risks in Indonesia Rice Agriculture: A Policy Perspective

December 2009

In this chapter, we focus specifically on agricultural risks and uncertainties related to climate variability and global climate change from a policy viewpoint.

Potential Impact of U.S. Biofuels on Regional Climate

November 2009

Recent work has shown that current bio-energy policy directives may have harmful, indirect consequences, affecting both food security and the global climate system.

Climate Effects of 30 Years of Landscape Change over the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Region: 1. Surface Energy Budget Changes

March 2009

This paper is part 1 of a two-part study that evaluates the climatic effects of recent landscape change for one of the nation's most rapidly expanding metropolitan complexes, the Greater Phoenix,...