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Food system failures in our age of abundance

January 2019

Twelve-year-old Lena is growing up poor and malnourished on Chicago’s West Side. She buys Blue Juice and Hot Chips from the corner store on her way to school.

New Stanford study suggests climate mitigation could yield trillions in economic benefits

May 2018

Failing to meet climate mitigation goals laid out in the U.N.

What we need to know about the economics of climate change

April 2016

Scientists have made huge strides in understanding the physical and biological dimensions of climate change, from deciphering why climate has changed in the past to predicting how it might change...

What will climate change cost?

October 2015

When thousands of scientists, economists and policymakers meet in Paris this December to negotiate an international climate treaty, one question will dominate conversations: what is the climate...

Institutions and supply chains help shape Brazil’s soybean boom

November 2012

A new study out of Stanford University examines the role of institutions and supply chain conditions in Brazil’s booming soybean industry and the relationship between soy yields and planted area....

FSE has a few more questions for the candidates

October 2012

As a follow up to the FSI piece on five foreign policy questions for Obama and Romney, FSE fellows ask a few additional food security related questions.

Fighting hunger in Africa with new methods of irrigation

December 2011

Stanford scientists are calling for investments in small-scale irrigation projects and hydrologic mapping in sub-Saharan Africa to help buffer growers from erratic weather and poor crop yields that...

Focusing on hunger, health care and politics, experts gather at Stanford

November 2011

Jeff Raikes, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, set the tone for a daylong conference exploring the causes of poverty and how researchers, governments and philanthropists can lift the...

Stanford focus on food security expands as hunger worsens

November 2011

FSE celebrates its center launch as part of FSI's conference on international security, food and health care.

China's Food Inflation

May 2011

Middle class appetites and rising affluence are driving up the price of food in China, home to 1.3 billion people.

Breaking the persistent cycles of ultra-poverty in rural Africa

May 2011

Cornell University's Christopher Barrett, an expert in poverty and international development, addressed the economics of poverty and agriculture in rural Africa.

Lecture to focus on agricultural economics in Africa

April 2011

Agriculture in Africa has grown steadily for the past 15 years.

FSE welcomes Cargill visiting fellow Awudu Abdulai to Stanford University

October 2010

Abdulai, originally from Ghana and chair of food economics at the University of Kiel, Germany, will be our Cargill visiting scholar from October 2010-March 2011.

Program on Food Security and the Environment to build a global education network on agriculture and the environment

July 2010

Funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FSI's program on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) will begin in winter 2011 a twelve lecture series bringing the world's...

Warmer temperatures pose major risks to food production in sub-Saharan Africa

February 2010

Changes in temperature due to climate change over the next few decades will put considerable pressure on crop production in already vulnerable areas of sub-Saharan Africa, states a new study from...

FSE study finds climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa

November 2009

Rising temperatures increase the risk of civil conflict in Africa by more than 50 percent over the next two decades, finds a study by FSE's David Lobell and UC Berkeley colleagues Marshall Burke...

Rides of a lifetime: A tribute to Ron Raikes

October 2009

On September 5th, Ron Raikes was tragically killed in a farm accident. Ron was a stellar Nebraska farmer, an outstanding state senator, a renowned educator, and a good friend of FSE.

Balancing act in global fertilizer use: Science report

June 2009

A new report in the journal Science, co-authored by FSE scholars, examines the delicate balancing act between too much and two little fertilizer use.

McGill University bestows honorary degree on Walter Falcon for exemplary scholarship

May 2009

Professor Walter Falcon, Deputy Director of the Program on Food Security and the Environment, former director of FSI, and Helen Farnsworth Professor of International Agricultural Policy, Emeritus...

FSE welcomes Wolfram Schlenker as Cargill Visiting Fellow

January 2009

FSE is pleased to welcome Wolfram Schlenker as its first Cargill Visiting Fellow.


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