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Transforming Knowledge into Food: Recent Lessons from Asia

December 1978

Perspective on China's Food Policy, A

December 1979

Energy and Agriculture in Developing Countries

March 1979

Asia, Kids, Calories and Poverty

December 1979

International Trade in Rice

December 1980

Elements of a Food and Nutrition Policy in Indonesia

December 1980

Experiment in Rural Development, An

December 1980

Reflections on the Presidential Commission on World Hunger

December 1981

Economic Dimensions of International Development

December 1982

Role of the United States in Alleviating World Hunger, The

December 1984

Recent Food Policy Lessons from Developing Countries

May 1984

World Rice Trade

December 1986

Food for a Developing World

December 1987

Corn Economy of Indonesia, The

December 1987

This book, based on fieldwork carried out by a team of American and Indonesian economists, investigates Indonesia's potential for maize production.

Whither Food Aid?

December 1991

The extent of food aid since the 1960s is examined, focusing in particular on US food aid and its political context.

Food Security in Indonesia: Defining the Issues

December 1991

Political Economy of Rice Production in East Asia, The

July 1983

Growth of Livestock Products in East Pakistan During the Second Plan Period

May 1985

Rice Policy in Indonesia, 1985-1990: The Problem of Success

September 1985


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