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Indirect child casualties of conflict far outnumber direct combatant deaths in Africa

August 2018

More children die from the indirect impact of armed conflict in Africa than those killed in the crossfire and on the battlefields, according to a new study by Stanford researchers.

Researchers call for policy, aid and innovation to help world’s poorest

April 2012

Bill Gates spoke to a Stanford audience about the importance of foreign aid and product innovation in the fight against chronic hunger, poverty and disease in the developing world.

FSE study on climate change and conflict mentioned in The Economist piece on climate wars

July 2010

The hardest evidence for a link so far comes from a team led by Marshall Burke of the University of California and FSE Research Associate, and co-authored with FSE Fellow David Lobell.

FSE study finds climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa

November 2009

Rising temperatures increase the risk of civil conflict in Africa by more than 50 percent over the next two decades, finds a study by FSE's David Lobell and UC Berkeley colleagues Marshall Burke...