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Linkages between food systems and human health in Africa

Pinstrup-Andersen, H.E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy and J. Thomas Clark Professor of Entrepreneurship at Cornell University will talk about new evidence on the linkages among agriculture, nutrition, and health, with a special emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. Currently lost in debate—growing more food does not necessarily lead to better nutrition or health unless other things are put in place. Pinstrup-Aandersen is a world-renowned specialist on undernutrition, health, poverty, and food, and in 2001 was named World Food Prize Laureate.

Eran Bendavid, Assistant Professor of Medicine (infectious diseases) and CHP/PCOR Associate, will provide additional commentary. Bendavid was trained at Harvard Medical School, and is currently a FSE collaborator on a rural health and development project that examines the links between food production, health, water and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa.