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2022 FSE Spring Newsletter

Envisioning a just and sustainable aquatic food system; Imagining climate solutions through agriculture; Assessing crop insurance losses due to global climate change; Understanding the impact of air pollution on crop yields; evaluating progress towards sustainability in aquaculture; measuring agriculture productivity lost due to climate change; and more.

2021 FSE Spring Newsletter

Understanding sensitivity of corn yields to drought; Assessing the impacts of climate change on flooding; analyzing crop yields from satellite data; Exploring the role of food from the ocean in meeting food security needs; Estimating the human health impacts of wildfires; Considering the links between food security and conflict; and more.

2020 FSE Summer Newsletter

Exploring the links between COVID-19 and food security; Understanding the role of food from the ocean; Fighting poverty in Africa with satellite technology; Identifying needs for innovation in food security; Linking air pollution and infant mortality in Africa; Understanding complex relationships between the environment and human health; and more.

2020 FSE Winter Newsletter

Examining the effects of climate change on the economy; Discussing the role of humanitarian aid in solving global hunger; Linking reduced tilling to increased crop yields; Using weak labels in deep learning algorithms to map cropland; and more.

2019 FSE Summer Newsletter

Uncovering the link between increased carbon dioxide and decreased nutrients in staple crops; Linking climate change with insect-driven declines in agricultural productivity; Reflecting on the interconnectedness of food security, human health and the EPA Endangerment Finding; and more.

2018 FSE Summer Newsletter

David Lobell Named Gloria and Richard Kushel Director of the Center on Food Security and the Environment; Warming temperatures could increase suicide rates across the U.S. and Mexico; and Ertharin Cousin returns for a second year at Stanford.


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