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Designing new approaches to solving global hunger and environmental degradation

Our Research

Our researchers come from diverse fields to study new approaches to global hunger and environmental degradation through an inter-disciplinary research portfolio that spans economics, policy and the physical sciences. FSE's current research topics include:
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Tropical Oil Crops

The rapid expansion of oil crops throughout the tropics presents new challenges for protecting ecosystems and promoting smallholder farmer livelihoods.
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Data Science for Food Security

Big data and new analytical techniques mean better measurements and more targeted solutions to food insecurity.
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Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Climate change impacts global food security, and it amplifies threats to global health, stability and economic prosperity.
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Food, Nutrition and Health

For smallholder farmers and their families, food security is closely tied to nutrition and health.
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Aquaculture and Fisheries

Aquaculture and fisheries must be managed for food security and sustainability to meet rising demand.
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Water Resources

Access to groundwater and irrigation helps farmers break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.
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Crop and Livestock Systems

As global demand for crops, meat and seafood rises, pressure on agricultural systems intensifies.
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Rural Education Action Program

Dedicated to discovering the causes of poverty in rural China, and creating simple, effective solutions.
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Completed Projects

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Apply for our Postdoctoral Fellowship - awarded to promising young scholars with a demonstrated ability to do innovative and rigorous work related to global hunger, poverty alleviation, and environmental degradation.

Research Resources

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FSE is a leader in building cross-cutting research collaborations consistently authoring and co-authoring papers spanning our research topics.