Researchers present their work at AGU 2019


Each year, thousands of scientists from across the globe come together at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual fall meeting to share new findings and research on pressing topics facing our world, including climate change, extreme events, environmental pollution, groundwater resources and more. On December 9 – 13, in San Francisco, Stanford faculty, students and scholars joined scientists from various disciplines in the earth and planetary sciences and engaged in interdisciplinary collaborations and discussions across fields to learn more about and create solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Investigating the Yield Impacts of Conservation Tillage in the US Corn Belt using Landsat — Jillian M Deines

Food-water-energy for Urban Sustainable Environments (FUSE): Integrated Analyses Focused on Pune, India and Amman, Jordan — Steven M. Gorelick

Using Observational Data to Understand Climatic Constraints on Economic Output — Marshall Burke 

Insights into Effective Satellite Crop Yield Estimation from an Extensive Ground Truth Dataset in the US Corn Belt — Jillian M Deines

Using satellite imagery to understand and promote sustainable development — Marshall Burke 

Measuring and unpacking smallholder agricultural risks using fine resolution satellite data — David B Lobell 

Verifying single-event attribution results for unprecedented hot, wet and dry events — Noah S Diffenbaugh