Blue Food Assessment featured in The Economist Blog

Fresh fish laying on a bed of ice

The Blue Food Assessment (BFA), a research initiative launched in 2020, aims to contribute innovative science and policy recommendations on the role of aquatic foods in the global food system.

In an article recently published in the Food Sustainability Index, a publication of The Economist, Stanford professor and BFA co-chair Roz Naylor emphasizes the need to develop comprehensive food policies that better incorporate food from aquatic spaces. In the piece, Naylor discusses how blue foods may be the missing piece in the global food puzzle.

“A lot of aquatic foods are largely left to discussions of ocean conservation,” said Naylor. The BFA comes during the leadup to the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, a critical opportunity for global food policy discussions.

The Blue Food Assessment is a collaborative effort among the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the EAT ForumSpringer Nature, the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and the Stanford Center on Food Security and the Environment.


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